Dear Yogi, dear Yogini, welcome at herzoYOGA!


Our classes are held in German, but please do not hesitate to visit us for a free sample class.

We will translate the essence so you can easily follow. 


A regular English Yoga Flow Class is held by Katharina Muck every Wednesday from 7 p .m. to 8:30 p.m.

If you want to join that class, please contact



kids Yoga

We have regularYoga classes for kids and teenagers. It is designed in a series of 6 classes, provided by Katharina Muck. The 6 classes cost 60 Euros.


For registration or further questions please contact Katharina Muck:


The class will be held in German language, but Katharina has teached in the Netherlands English Yoga Classes before, so there will be no problem if translation is needed.