meet your SELF - Yoga Teacher Training

The meet your SELF Yoga Teacher Training is held in German and English language.

meet your SELF


You are the creator of your own world, can you imagine that? I guess you do, otherwise you would not have found this page.

You already sense that yoga is more than a physical exercise. You already feel that your yoga practice has changed you. You feel the need to dive deeper, not only this physical level...


Or maybe you have not experienced yoga yet, but a feeling has emerged in you that you want to live your life in a more conscious way? You want to follow the path of mindfulness and self love? You want to make yourself the gift of time, just for yourself, once a month, to establish the enduring change in your life that you seek? You want to integrate more vitality, joy and zest for life?


In this training you will feel and experience the big scope of the yogic path. The effectivness of asanas (physical exercise) and meditation, the ethical lifestyle of yoga and the philosophy behind it. The greater and all embracing influence of frequency, sound and stillness. The power of being connected. The awakening of your creative energetic potential.


You are right, there IS more. Join us on this journey into your inner spaces! Let these spaces grow and unfold. Learn how to integrate your shadows to bring your full potential into this world. Get yourself familiar with the power of your thoughts, with the sensation of your feelings. Be with them. But it's even more: You not only will discover your inner spaces, you will also learn how to create them on your own. This is the key to live and express yourself authentically. But also to provide safe healing spaces for your future students.


The training's substance is designed for you to grow into your full potential, to unfold and expand in your very individual and personal way. We provide you a widely spread yogic practice of our own experiences. This offers you the possibility to dive into your own personal experiences. To open doors to new dimensions in your life. A precious treasure of possibilities.


What defines you?

What makes your heart dance?


Be curious! Curious about this seed sleeping in you which may now come to life. Feel your own truth. Give your heart and your soul the space they long for. Learn to trust your own perception. See, live and honour your potential.




Your journey! Let's start...


#1 Philosophy & Daily Life with Yoga 1

Yoga between Sankhya and Ayurveda. My Path on Yoga.

  • What is yoga? Introduction in the yogic view of the world.
  • Yoga inbetween Sankhya and Ayurveda: Basics of a yogic lifestyle
  • What is your SELF in a yogic point of view? Basics and Definition of philosophic terms in yoga.
  • Getting to know the meaning of the most common sanskrit terms.
  • Learn to feel. What is doing yoga to me?
  • Basic asanas, breath work and meditation.

#2 Anatomy & Physiology 1 - My marvelous body.

Functionality of the body. Teaching & adjusting Asanas.

  • Anatomic insights - our musculoskeleton system and its functionality.
  • Cardiovascular System, Nervoussystem and Hormonal System
  • Your locomotor system: How is it working?
  • Our body in the asanas - what is actually happening there?
  • Alignment - Analysing by looking at the body, verbal cueing, tactile adjustment.
  • Your body is a temple - how can I honour my body?


#3 Energetics 1

Pranayama. From Doing into Being. Creating space and freedom within.

  • More than breathwork: Navigate your flow of energy
  • Physiologic, psychosomatic and energetic aspects of the breathing.
  • Breathing techniques: first learning them by intense self practice, then teach them.
  • Bandhas - connection between asana and pranayama, tool for regulating the flow of energy within you 

#4 Anatomy & Physiology 2 - My marvelous body.
Functionality of the body. Teaching & adjusting Asanas.

  • Organs, glands & emotions? The connection between them (seen from the psychological kinesiology).
  • What is the fascial system and how can Yoga have an impact on it?
  • practice, practice, practice
  • How can I adjust and touch my student in a meaningful manner?
  • Sequencing: How do I create a reasonable Yoga class?
  • Asanas: How do they impact the five Koshas (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spirituel body)


#5 Philosophy & Yoga in Daily Life 2

Living Yoga. Discover Patanjali's Yoga Sutra.

  • Vrittis: Become as crystal as a diamond by clearing the cloudiness of the mind
  • Ashtanga Yoga - The eight limbs of Yoga. Yogic ethics and lifestyle in daily life.
  • Kleshas: What are the obstacles in my way that hinder me from growing in to who I really am? 
  • Bhavanas: Kindness, Empathy, Sympathetic Joy, Serenity - the four keys to a peaceful life
  • Ishvara: The devine in all and everything - and in me.
  • The concept of abundance and joy in life.
  • Atha: The magic of the current moment.


#6 Energetics 2 - Nada Brahma Spanda Brahma.

The world is frequency & sound. Live your vibration.

  • Sound spaces in theory and practice: How does sound work on the body, mind and soul?
  • Experience the effect of Mantra.
  • OM - What does it mean, what is its impact on me?
  • Music, Chanting and Stillness.
  • Experience your voice as an expression tool of your SELF.
  • The healing effects of sound and frequency on body, mind, soul and energy field


#7 Energetics 3 - Prana.

You are Energy. Shine, flow, blossom, unfold your SELF.

  • Prana: The primal force and universal life energy
  • Where can we find Prana?
  • Vayus: The winds (energetic streams) in the body. How do the move, what are their effects?
  • How can I steer Prana in my body to gain its my full energetic potential?
  • Koshas: The five bodys in Yoga
  • Kundalini, Chakras, Nadis and more in theory and practice
  • Mudras - guiding your energy


#8 Mindfulness and Meditation Blossom into Stillness.

Becoming one with your SELF. Blossom into Stillness.

  • Mindfulness - the art of creating from the present moment.
  • ind your way from mindful living into meditation.
  • Why meditate? The effects of meditation.
  • Taming the monkeys - what are thoughts and how do they affect us?



#9 Philosophy & Yoga in Daily Life 3

Dharma. Listen to the calling of your Soul. Live your purpose.

  • What is nourishing you, what is eating you alive? Learn how to truly distinguish. 
  • The journey of your soul: Where is your path leading you?
  • Creator of your own world: What do I want to bring into this world, what do I have to offer?
  • Sankalpa: The power of your wishes.
  • Vikalpa: Uncover the deep believe systems and mental patterns within you which are boycotting you.
  • The four desires of our soul
  • Pain as a calling for growth
  • Leaving the cage: The power behind your feelings
  • Selfempowerment: Live your full potential


#10 Didactics

Show Your SELF. Creating your Yoga.

  • Methodology and the art of educating in practice.
  • General framework of how to teach a yoga class.
  • Reasonable sequencing - Structure and arrangement of a yoga class.
  • Teaching your own class in front of the group. And most of all: show your SELF.
  • What have I experienced in life, who am I and what do I want to pass on to my students?

Teacher Training 2020 - Timetable for your Journey


#1    February 22nd/23rd 

#2    March 14th/15th 

#3    May 9th/10th

#4    June 27th/28th

#5    July 8th to 12th (or just the weekend 11th/12th)

#6    September 12th/13th

#7    October 10th/11th

#8    October 24th/25th

#9    November 28th/29th

#10  December 12th/13th




  • Value: 3000,00 €
  • Payment by installments possible.
  • Extra-occupational, on Saturdays and Sundays from 9-19
  • Module #5 is stretched out from Wednesday evening until Sunday. It will take place in Bad Griesbach (near Passau). We will live together to practice Yoga in daily life circumstances. If for any reason you can't join the whole 5 days, just join us for the weekend. 



  • 10 weekends for your SELF to dive deep into the yogic wisdom, but most of all to discover who you truly are so you can profit from your own inner guidance and wisdom.
  • Extremly small group of maximum 8 souls! A safe space with individual guidance and support in a trustful environment will accompany you on your deep journey.
  • elaborated, detailed scripts on each module (including additional recommended literature)
  • the yoga classes we are practicing together, our meditations and chantings are provided as downloads so you can deepen your practice at home
  • Personal guidance and mentorship (in between the modules I am there for you - staying in contact and sharing experiences, questions and problems is highly appreciated)
  • You will not be trained in one specific Yoga style, but you will receive a widespread basic knowledge and wisdom about the different styles and directions yoga is up to. Yoga is a path unfolding from your own inner state. Don't follow others, trust yourself, create your own personal Yoga.
  • Discounts on additional trainings and education (e.g. at workshop-weekends at herzoYOGA, Cacao Ceremonies and other specials), retreats & Yoga trips


If you need further informations please contact me: 

0170 - 867 30 91


... and you have the chance to deepen your experience on one of our RETREATS - BEING ALIVE IS NOT ENOUGH at a reduced price:

  • 6-day-retreat JOY OF LIFE, ABUNDANCE OF LIFE with Andrea from November 12th to 19th in Essaouira, Morocco 
  • 6-day-retreat CONNECT YOUR SELF with Andrea & Saskia from June 1st to 7th 2020 in St. Felix, Italy
  • desert retreat 1001 NIGHTS - THE STORIES OF YOUR SOUL with Andrea from November 10th to 17th 2020 in Morocco
  • 6-day-retreat JOY OF LIFE, ABUNDANCE OF LIFE with Andrea from November 17th to 24th 2020 in Essaouira, Morocco 

For more informations on the retreats just contact me. You can find detailed informations in Germon HERE.


meet your SELF is a Yoga Teacher Training accredited by state and for § 4 Nr. 21a)bb) UstG. there is no tax on it. We are not a member in any Yoga union or organization and we are not bound to a specific yogic style. For this reason it could be that you have difficulties getting certified by the ZPP or being approved by the health funds for providing subsidised Yoga classes. Also some Yoga schools which follow their specific style may not approve your training for participating in their own further educational programms (500h trainings). This is not a criteria of quality or worth and you are certainly allowed to teach Yoga classes and call yourself a Yoga teacher. We just want you to be clear for yourself: what do you want to acheive with your journey with meet your SELF? In any case this journey will change you, that for sure :-)