As you can read under the menu NEWS we are currently offering a reduced special schedule.

As soon as possible we are goint to return to the regular one (which you can find below).

In addition we offer you the possibility to practice online with us.

If you are not a member, please write us an email and we will send you all information needed.



You can chose between different focuses and intensities, based on your physical and emotional needs and abilities.

  • The classes in light blue are for everybody, no previous knowledges needed. It's basically about Just Being, Meditation etc. 
  • Soft classes, suitable for everybody, focused on stretching and relaxation (green colour in the schedule).
  • Medium Level, suitable for everybody, focused on strength and mobility (yellow colour).
  • Advanced classes, physically challenging, focused on strenght (red). 

If you are not sure which class suits you the best, feel free to contact us. We will find out!


Please find the description of the classes HERE.