At the moment all classes are held online via Zoom

HERE you can read more about your options to participate live or get a video on demand.


All our classes are taught in German, if needed we can provide a short translation in English.

Or you join the regular ENGLISH CLASS with Katharina Muck.

Currently it is held on Wednesday Evenings. For more details please contact Katharina:


YOGA SLOW FLOW - English class with Katharina Muck

In this class we focus on gentle and mindful movements which will at the same time challenge you and bring you to sweat. While moving through different versions of Sun Salutations our focus lies on our breath and we lovingly accept our own pace and limits. 

Students who like precise cues combined with supporting assists will feel at home in this class. 

Katharina about herself and her style of teaching: "Yoga teaches me every day, on and off the mat, that I can trust myself - my body, my mind, my feelings - my inner voice. In my classes I want to instill this confidence in my students: To listen to their intuition and what they really need in that particular moment, so they can leave the class empowered and with a stronger sense of who they are."


You can chose between different focuses and intensities, based on your physical and emotional needs and abilities.

  • The classes in light blue are for everybody, no previous knowledges needed. It's basically about Just Being, Meditation etc. 
  • Soft classes, suitable for everybody, focused on opening, breathing and relaxation (green colour in the schedule).
  • Medium Level, suitable for everybody, focused on strength and mobility (yellow colour).
  • Flow classes are based on the sun salutation and require more advanced skills from your body and breathing techniques
  • Advanced classes, physically challenging, focused on strenght and cardiovascular activity (red). 
  • Medium level classes that combine the asanas with pranayama, mantra and meditation for a deeper experience (purple).

If you are not sure which class suits you the best, feel free to contact us. We will find out!



Description of the different classes


Our Yoga is not committed to one specific school or style. We love to combine the different qualities and aspects of all possible Yoga forms because we truly believe that Yoga is there to suit YOU, not the other way around. Yoga can be adapted to any kind of body, to any kind of person, so that it supports you on your personal way of growing and experiencing. We also don't believe that there is a right or wrong way to practice Yoga. It should simply just be good for you. 

So you just have to come by and try the classes - every one will be different. Sometimes focused on your inner world, next time it is physical awareness, or meditative, or energetic... Be open, be free, join us.



In this Yoga class we use different variations of the sun salutation to flow from one asana into the next one. It is a dynamic style which refers mainly to the body. The combination of movement to the breath into one constant flow settles the mind to rest, calms you down and brings inner peace. Meditation in movement :-)



The fascial system in your body is like a mirror of Yoga: It tells us about connection, unity, awareness, feeling your self. Basically every Yoga class could be named Fascial Yoga because it always trains the fascial body. But in addition to "normal" Yoga, there will be special ways of moving to stimulate the fascia even more.



Ashtanga is a dynamic, physical strengthening style of Yoga. Every breath is one movement. We practice the traditional first series of Sri K. Patthabi Jois. It includes also chanting and meditation.



A perfect comination. Move just the way your body tells you, let the music move you, dive deep into the essence of your being, it is meditation in motion. Body, Mind, Heart and Soul are becoming one. Be connected to your SELF. In this moment right now. There is only one rule: allow yourself to feel good.



Combines traditional Yoga with spinal exercises. A flowing movement that helps you develop more mobility, strength and flexibility. The polarities between tension and release, stability and mobility, give the right stimuli for your posture.



What is this Yoga despite the physical practice of the Asanas? That´s what we want to experience in this class. Meditation, philosophy, breathing, Pranayama and so on.