You can chose between different focuses and intensities, based on your physical and emotional needs and abilities.

  • The classes in light blue are for everybody, no previous knowledges needed. It's basically about Just Being, Meditation etc. 
  • Soft classes, suitable for everybody, focused on opening, breathing and relaxation (green colour in the schedule).
  • Medium Level, suitable for everybody, focused on strength and mobility (yellow colour).
  • Flow classes are based on the sun salutation and require more advanced skills from your body and breathing techniques
  • Advanced classes, physically challenging, focused on strenght and cardiovascular activity (red). 
  • Medium level classes that combine the asanas with pranayama, mantra and meditation for a deeper experience (purple).

If you are not sure which class suits you the best, feel free to contact us. We will find out!


Please find the description of the classes HERE.

Ashtanga Pada - The eight limbs of Yoga

We have startet to dive deeper into the Yoga philosophy by focusing on Patanjalis Yoga Sutra, one of the oldest scriptures talking about what Yoga has to offer.


One of the center pieces in that scripture is Ashtanga Pada, a kind of practical guide for your daily life as well as your spiritual practice. Every week we pick one of these 8 limbs and talk about it in our classes.


In these videos we give you a glimpse of what they mean to us - and we hope you discover your very own relationship with them...

We start with Yama and Niyama, the ethical principles for how to live a peaceful, meaningful and happy life.


#1 & 2: yama & niyama

#2: niyama

#3 & 4: Asana & Pranayama