English Class

Katharina is teaching a SLOW FLOW CLASS in English.

Every WEDNESDAY from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


If you want to join the class, please contact her:


kids Yoga

We have a regular kids Yoga class on Thursday afternoons. It is designed in a series of 6 classes, provided by Katharina Muck. The 6 classes cost 60 Euros.


From 3 to 4 p.m. for children age 4-6.

From 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. for children age 7-10.


For registration or further questions please contact Katharina Muck:



The class will be held in German language, but Katharina has teached in the Netherlands English Yoga Classes before, so there will be no problem if translation is needed.

Regulations in the studio due to Covid 19

We are very happy to welcome you again in person at our studio. Of course, for an interim period a lot of things have to be handled differently by law. 

As the distancing rules are limiting the maximum capacity of our room down to 14 participants, we are introducing a registration system for our classes. This will only be valid for an interim period, just as long as necessary. We also have to save your name and date of your time with us (just as in the restaurants).


  • Send E-Mail to herzoyoga@herzoyga.de
  • In the subject line you write your name and the class you want to participate, e.g. "your name - Fascial Yoga Thursday June 11th, 7 p.m."
  • You don't have to write anything else in the text, the subject is enough
  • If you don't receive an answer, you are registered
  • When the maximum of participants is raeached, we will answer your Mail - so be sure to check your Inbox (the sender could also be andreaschorr@gmx.de or ellipaech@gmx.de)


ALL CLASSES WILL BE STREAMED LIVE VIA ZOOM AND SOMETIMES ALSO VIA FACEBOOK. So at least you can join the class online if you have not been able to get a spot in the classroom. The link stays the same and you can find a detailed description how to connect HERE.

For this interim period we also have to fulfill the following rules:

  • locker rooms are open again, but you have to wear something over mouth and nose
  • bring your own mat and props (blanket, cushion etc.)
  • if you don't have your own mat, you can buy one at your first visit at our studio (the simple, gray one, 3mm, they are used but in very good conditions, for 15 Euro)
  • we have to close the room with the props, so you cannot leave your mat at the studio during this interim period
  • the lounge is closed and we don't offer beverages anymore
  • we are opening 15 minutes before class
  • the mats have to be positioned on the indicated spots, marked with sticky tape
  • until you reach the space of your mat, you are obligated to cover mouth and nose, on your mat you are free (with health conditions like asthma you are freed from this obligation, of course)
  • we have to practice with open windows and open door to garantee ventilation, please make sure to bring the right clothes
  • we are teaching from our mat without touching you, all adjustments will be verbally
  • after class until you have left the studio you are again obligated to cover your mouth and nose
  • only one toilet is open - wait outside the bathroom until it is free
  • during class it is not possible to go to the toilet - only if everybody in your way puts the mask back on, so make sure to empty your bladder before we start ;-)


During this interim period we follow a special SCHEDULE, which you can see HERE.

And of course, you will still have the possibility to practice online with us:  LIVE ON ZOOM. You just call on via Zoom (the "room" will open 15 minutes before class gets started, no entry after starting of the class, so please be in time). To join the Zoom Room click HERE. ON DEMAND via Vimeo with Andrea or Elli (you can chose between videos we recorded in advance - have a look at the schedule HERE)


Your virtual and online possiblities: Please find them HERE.


Besides all the weird circumstances in the outside... we are really looking forward to seeing you again - in all possible ways, through all possible channels :-)

May all beings be free, blissfull and free from suffering.

All the best for us all, from the bottom of our hearts.
Andrea & Elli





Our Newsletter comes with an English translation. So stay updated and give us a little message if you want to receive it. The law requires that you reed our data policy before, which you can find HERE  :-)