Virtual Studio

Dear friends of our studio, dear Yogis,
lockdown is here and it looks like we will keep on practicing online for a bit longer. That's why we are preparing live classes and kind of a virtual studio where we can continue to comunicate with each other, just like we do before and after classes on our sofas and cushions in the lounge.

We want to creat a room for you, a platform, a talking circle. Everybody is invited to share how they are, how they feel. Like in the studio, we are offering an open mind and ear to everybody, listen without judgment, just be here for each other.
Beyond right and wrong there is a space.
I will meet you there.


We also want to use this space to 

These classes together will be anounced regulary for you. There will be at least 3 classes per week, added with short sequences of meditation, breath work, impulses on the Yoga philosophy and so on.

And if you are not able to join live, the class will remain on the timeline and you can watch it any time you like.

Also, you can use this space as a chance to comunicate with the other yogis. Keep them posted about how you are, if you need anything, if you have any questions...
With the live classes you can practice with being part of the group energy. After class you can talk to the other yogis, start a conversation or even a private chat. We want to stay connected with you!

Such kind of space is offered free, fast and easy on Facebook.
Whatever you think of Facebook, at this moment it is a gift for us to stay in touch. And if you use WhatsApp you have no need to worry, because Mark Zuckerberg already has every data from you ;-)

The group "herzoYOGA Onlinepraxis" will be a private, closed group, that means nobody except the actual members of the group can read your posts or see the videos. It is a closed, safe space.

Of course, you can still use the Links for the ONLINE CLASSES which we will prerecord for you as we already started. You find them on the website here: ONLINE KURSE.
If additionally you want to join the virtual studio, send us an Email. We will answer you with kind of an instruction how to create a Facebook Profile, how to friend us and so on. As a member of herzoYOGA we will then add you to the group automatically and you can start participating in the live classes, see the past content, ask questions, share your thoughts...

If you are no member, you can become a virtual one (55 Euros per month, minimum run-time 3 month, afterwards you can resign on a monthly basis) or you purchase a 4-week-pass (90 Euros). Send us an Email if you want to know more.

We are looking forward to staying connected to you. Let's get closer in these distanced times!

All our love!
Andrea & Elli

Latest Update: Studio will be closed for 4 weeks starting Tuesday, March 17th


In Bavaria we officially are in crisis mode and the safty guidelines want us to close the studio, starting on Tuesday, March 17th. This is valid for at least 4 weeks. Meanwhile we will produce online classes for you, in German language though, which you can find HERE. If you are interested, but don't speak German, please contact us. Let's see if we can find a solution. 

If you want to attend an online class (it is pre-recorded and on demand, you chose the time you want to practice), please write us an email to Tell us the class you have chosen and we will send you the link. You spend one spot on your package of 10, or you pay the Drop In price of 17 Euros. 

All the best for us all, from the bottom of our hearts.

May all beings be blissfull and free from suffering.

Andrea & Elli





As everything is changing so fast these times, please check this website before you want to visit our studio. Here you find the updated schedules and latest informations of our opening hours. 

Monday, March 16th, the morning class at 8:30 is cancelled. We will inform you about the evening classes until Sunday evening here.


Dear friends of our studio, 


the Corona Virus for sure will not stop in front of our doorsteps. We want to stay open for you because of that we need your help and your sense for responsability. Nobody can say for sure if he or she is carrying the virus. Before attending a class, please consider if you or anyone in your closeby surroundings belongs to the group who is more in danger for a risky course of disease. Covid-19 seems to be more dangerous for the elderly and for persons with pre-existing conditions of the lungs, the cardiovascular or nervous system. In this case we precautionary recommend you to stay at home. 


On behalf of ahimsa, the compassion for your fellow beings:

Please take care of your own safety and for the wellbeing of the sick and weak in your surrounding.


The union's recommendations are:

  • wash your hands thoroughly before and after class 
  • leave a space of 1-2 m to your next person 
  • proper etiquette of sneezing and coughing (into your crook of the arm)
  • use your own towel on the mat

To keep it simple we have decided not to embrace or touch you for a welcome. Instead you will receive a very warm smile directly from our hearts. 


Despite all precautions we want to keep practicing Yoga together. To keep you in harmony and balance, to strengthen the trust in our bodies and our confidence in the world.


  Starting with Monday, March 16th, we will offer you a reduced schedule with Ellis classes at the studio (like we have on holidays) and aditionally you have the opportunity to watch online classes with Andrea (access is free for all members). 

As a member you will receive an email from us on Sunday evening with all informations needed to access the online videos.

If you have a package of 10 and want to have access to a class as well, please write us an email, we will send you everything you need.


Specials and Workshops

We offer a lot of special classes and workshops on Friday evenings or at the weekend. If you have any questions or want to have further informations about the content of the specials, please don't hesitate to contact us:


Latest Workshops & Specials will be: 

  • Friday to Sunday, April 24th - 26th: Sahaj Samadhi Mantra Meditation. Workshop by "the art of living". For more details and registration have a look HERE.



Katharina will lead a Slow Flow Class every Wednesday Evening from 19:00 to 20:30. She will start on November 13th in our small classroom. Come and try! 


Our Newsletter comes with an English translation. So stay updated and give us a little message if you want to receive it. The law requires that you reed our data policy before, which you can find HERE  :-)

meet your SELF

Yoga Teacher Training 2020



OMG, it is already our 3rd year that we provide this YTT...

Not only a Yoga Teacher Training, but a powerful journey to your SELF. The next training starts in February 2020 and is a 200 hour basic teacher training with a big focus on your personal and spiritual growth.

You want to know more? Have a look HERE, all informations are provided in English. Btw, the training is held in German and English language, of course. And you don't have to attend the whole training if you are just interested in some special weekends (price is 300 Euro).

If you are interested, let me know:

Retreats 2020 & 2021

You want to experience something special this year?

You want to get to know yourself deeper?

Then join us on one of our retreats.


In 2019 and 2020 you can chose between these different trips and adventures:

  • yogic-shamanic week CONNECT YOUR SELF
  • celebrating JOY OF LIFE, ABUNDANCE OF LIFE at Essaouira, Morocco, date to be announced in September 2020
  • 6 days in the Moroccan Desert for 1001 NIGHTS - THE STORYS OF YOUR SOUL in March 2021

You find all the informations on the Link HERE. The Retreats are held bilingual, so if you have any questions or need help in the translation, please contact us: or 0170 / 867 30 91



kids Yoga

We have a regular kids Yoga class on Thursday afternoons. It is designed in a series of 6 classes, provided by Katharina Muck. The 6 classes cost 60 Euros.


From 3 to 4 p.m. for children age 4-6.

From 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. for children age 7-10.



For registration or further questions please contact Katharina Muck:


The class will be held in German language, but Katharina has teached in the Netherlands English Yoga Classes before, so there will be no problem if translation is needed.